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Penny Stock Suggestions/Recommendations?

First of all, PLEASE do not bother to answer if your answer is going to be something along the lines of “penny stocks are a waste of money”. Its a risk i’m willing to take, thus why im asking for suggestions.
I’m just a small timer, not in the stock market to earn a living, just to give me something to watch. Anyways, I’m looking for a stock between the $0.05-$1.00 range. So if anyone has any good ones in mind please let me know. So far I am a proud owner of ZAAP.OB if that makes a difference…
Thanks in advance to everyone!
(I wont come and hunt you down if/when I go bankrupt from your suggestions, I take full responsibility for wins/losses :-D)

WEL (Boots & Coots International Well Control Inc.)
CPST (Capstone Turbine)
BCON (Beacon Power)
ENMD (EntreMed)
GNBT (Generex Biotechnology Corp.)

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