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This Penny Stock Egghead, Nathan Gold knows the red-hot penny shares and, more importantly, he knows when to get them. Timing is the key to increasing your penny stock opportunities. Like any experienced small cap  stock trader, Nathan Gold knows that nearly all penny stock trades tend to be worthless and wasteful. Instead of promising results that has a nervous flurry of deals, Nathan Gold asks you to be controlled by his advice and make typically one smart trade weekly. These targeted trades are a result of good information about micro-cap stock companies and lots of hard thinking about their own futures.

Micro-cap stocks are attractive because of the unique ability to grow exponentially because of the small starting values. If a stock might be priced at 5 cents and next it increases in value just five more cents, then it has increased by twice its price. The same increase of five cents in an established stock worth 100 dollars per share does nothing for ones portfolio. That is why penny stocks are a target of numerous get-rich-quick scams.

However, the Penny Stock Egghead is not for individuals that want to get-rich-quick without thinking or doing hard due diligence. Nathan Gold informs his members about penny stocks that will definitely see an upswing in their price. He does this with particular stocks after which it counsels patience. Sometimes the right red-hot penny stocks need weeks and even months to mature properly before house for sale for incredible returns.

Not too long ago, Nathan Gold told his subscribers in regards to lighting technology company termed AXTG. While it was just trading at 75 pennies, he was certain it was due for a new breakout. An investor who fit 1, 000 into this stock during Nathan Gold’s recommendation could have reaped a significant return in only two weeks when AXTG has been trading at 3. 47. That investor would are actually holding stocks worth more than 4, 600.

If the same buyer had left just a couple of thousand dollars in AXTG and invested others in International Gas as well as Oil Holding when Nathan encouraged, then he or she’d have seen an a great deal larger return over the next 11 weeks. At the time of Nathans recommendation, IGOH was trading at just two cents per share. A few months later on, this still-modestly priced stock was trading at 20 cents. However, this meant that your investor who put more than 2, 600 into the investment at two cents at this point held nearly 33, 000 in stocks.

A series of related investments followed. The Penny Stock Egghead advised the best red-hot penny stocks were those of your company that had experienced serious, but unwarranted, setbacks in its inventory price in 2008. Certain that the fundamentals from the company were better than many thought, Nathan Gold recommended buying the idea. It returned more as compared to fivefold and people who had previously been following Nathans advice would have made higher than a million dollars off this kind of advance.

The Penny Stock Egghead can show you which penny shares to obtain for making money together with some thought and prompt action. Nathan Golds advice is thoughtful and targeted. If you subscribe you get a 60-day, risk-free trial. There is no obligation to buy. But you deserve to learn more.

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