Day Trading Penny Stocks

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Does The Penny Stock Prophet Really Work?

You may be thinking about trading penny shares for enjoyment as well as income? If done right, buying and selling these small cap shares is actually exciting and financially worthwhile. In this The Penny Stock Prophet report I’m going to discuss in detail just what this trading system is, how it really works and whether it will really give you the results you want when you use it.

Exactly what Is Penny Stock Prophet?

It’s a trading system formulated by a man called James Connelly, who was a university undergraduate when he happened to find this formula for picking penny stocks. He started with an initial investment of one thousand dollars and in this system he demonstrates to you a proven way it’s doable to reach seven figures in just thirty eight deals using his stock picking plan for making wildly successful trades.

You are going to essentially be trading alongside James Connelly at the time when you start with this system. Instead of focusing on the regular stock exchange, this system focuses on the micro-cap sector, otherwise known as penny shares. The main reason for this approach is that even larger gains are possible with such small cap penny stocks.

Now does This Trading Method Really Work?

On the website James reveals a number of profitable buy and sell trades that he accomplished for his customers in a thirty day timeframe. Now these gains span anything from 9% gain to 91% with 45% average returns on trades with all of them being made with a 24 to 48 hour window of opportunity from beginning to exit. So, we’re talking about fast returns here instead of waiting several months for an outcome on each deal. This is significant as it keeps capital moving.

James further backs up his assurance in the penny stock investing system by offering two free penny stock picks on his site so you can observe those stock picks to see how they act first-hand.

Penny Stock Prophet Review – Conclusion

As oppose to being reliant on a robot, this method is underpinned by a real person that picks the trades for members with the assumption of an average financial return of twenty percent per trade making it possible for reaching 7 figures in just thirty eight trades starting with seed capital of 1,000 dollars. Not only does he back up his self-assurance in his stock trading system by offering a couple of free stock picks, he also offers proof for a months worth of stock trades made for his members. Although no stock trade can be 100% certain, this is a worthy investment option for someone planning to buy and sell or make investments in the micro-cap market and go into the thrilling world of penny shares.

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