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Best canadian stock brockerage to use?

Im looking to trade penny stocks online
so high volume and high number of trades

I am looking for low commission prices.

I looked at questtrade, but i have heard that it is difficult to trade penny stocks with them, and that your actually have to call in to make certain trades
i am strongly considering using CIBC investors edge because they allow a fixed cost for 50 trades which averages out to about $7 per trade.

Which would be the best go with, as i am new to trading, i need something simple and preferabley low cost?

if you daytrade pennies on the USA Pink/OTCB you will have trouble most don’t trade electronically with those markets….you will have to find a Canadian brokerage that does have that link…as you have found that is not easy to do.

Selecting Best Penny Stocks Investment in Canada

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