List Of Penny Stocks

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How Are You Going to Tell Me that My List of 15 Penny Stocks are No Good?

I have a list of 15 penny stocks that I have been carefully examining. They go down but they never bottom out at below .01, and when they go down, THEY ALWAYS GO UP.

But I know there will be a bunch of ppl telling me that I am a fool for investing in penny stocks because they are “aLwAYS gOInG to LoSE yOU monEY”

but how can you tell me that if I have looked at these 15 penny stocks and they always have periods of downs AND ups, and they have never been below .01?

Maybe just any penny stock, i have seen those graphs where they do that, but the ones i have looked at that i just described to you, you can’t tell me that those are going to be terrible investments. and if you can i’d like to hear how.

Why do you care what everybody on Yahoo! Answers says? Nobody ever knows for sure what is going to happen. A great company’s stock price could crash just as much as a bad company’s stock price could soar.

How to get a list of penny stocks and trade like a PRO.

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