Share Picks

share picks
How many stocks do you currently own and what are some hot short term and long term stock picks?

My stock portfolio currently looks like this:
1. Dell
2. Microsoft
3. Bob Evans
4. Suncor Energy
*** My hot stock picks would be energy stock. I’m currently waiting for more alternative energy stocks to go public.

What’s your stock portfolio look like and what are your stock pics both short term and long term? Let’s share information for the benefit of all.


I have positions in over a dozen stock, most (but not all) or which are long.

I also have positions in over a dozen stock options, most (but not all) of which are parts of spreads.

My hot stock picks would be most likely to be financial companies that have been oversold.

Top 5 Share Picks for 2013 – Atul Lele

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