Net Penny Stock

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After doing some research on the net I want to invest in a corporation I found.?

Its a penny stock item and I want to experiment a bit ( up to $300.00 ) and need to know which of the advertised investment companies like ING are the best. I don’t want to pay a bundle in fees for every thing I do or don’t do with my little test.

Sharebuilder’s real-time online trading commission is $9.95.
T.D. Ameritrade’s online trading commission is $9.99.
E-Trade’s standard online trading commission is $12.99.

Scottrade’s online trading commission is $7.00 for stock over $1.00 a share.
For stock less than $1.00 a share the commission is $7.00 plus 1/2 % of principal.

Example: 1/2% of $300.00 = $1.50 + $7.00 = $8.50 total commission.

Net penny stocks Payment Proof 1

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