Penny Stocks Mining

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Anyone know of a good penny stock site to invest?

A friend of mine a few years back was investing in some penny stocks and made some money on it. I was interested in possibly investing in some myself but I do not know the first thing on investing. Is this a good idea, and if so does anyone know of a good place to start? I dont have a lot of cash but I wanted to maybe put some into a few stocks to see if I could gain anything. Thanks.

You’re chasing a dream. Your friend… if they had less than 3 years of successful trading experience…. was simply lucky.

You will lose money (big time) if you just rely on a “service”. The absolute key to penny stocks is great trading money management skills.

Learn “Technical Analysis”. Learn basic trading. Trade stocks over $5 for 3-5 years… then you can try Penny Stocks. Try to read a book on trading every 4-6 weeks. Re-read them. Do this as long as you trade.

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