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Am I better to invest into AIM/Penny Stocks or small-cap stocks for growth? Which is the best option for me?

I have a share dealing account and I’m currently an investor in AIM stocks in the oil & gas industry. I read a book and in the book it said that the chances of success with AIM/penny stocks is 0.5/10.

I am just wondering as I had another thought about other kinds of stocks; small-cap stocks with values of $300m to $2bn caught my mind, and in the same book I found out that the chances of success are 8.5/10 with small-cap stock investing.

What I would like to know is what out of AIM/penny stocks or small-cap stocks am I better to invest into, and which is best recommended in your opinion? Please help/advise. Thanks.

AIM shares are legit,they have to adhere to strict rules laid down by the FSA,i think your problem is just impatience but you should always look long term – invest – and if your oil/gas shares have great potential then stop worrying about what this or that book said because it will only do your head in,,one last thing – if you keep buying and selling just because one of them has had a bad day well that’s the fastest way to lose your money,HOLD….

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