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pink sheets

Everyone Is An Interior Designer – Like It Or Not

Your home’s interior design is very much like your clothes – it reflects who you are. Many people are cynical about fashion and interior design. They say the first is for ‘fashion victims’ and the second is for snobs. There is some truth to those statements, but only because clothes and homes are for everyone, including snobs and fashion addicts.

We all live someplace and even if we live with our family or a group of friends, we each put our individual stamp on our decor. Don’t have decor, you say? Yes, you do. Whether you went to the most expensive store in town to buy your home decor accents or whether you found a shell lying on the beach and put it on the mantel, you have decor and are an interior designer.

In the traditional American home, the stay-at-home wife was the principle home decorator. It was she who chose the colors for the walls, the furniture, the carpets, etc. When baby cam along, it was she who chose the designer baby bedding and everything else for the baby. The husband joked that he was just the guy who paid the bills and didn’t have anything to do with the decorating.

That was true to a certain extent, but it didn’t tell the whole story. There is no question that if the wife painted their baby son’s room pink and gave him pink designer crib bedding, the husband’s inner interior designer would rebel! His quarterback son wasn’t going to live in a girl’s room!

Is there a point to all of this? Well, yes. Why deny that you’re an interior designer? Why not embrace it and make the most of it. Make your home’s interior design reflect the best of who you are. This isn’t just to show it off to your friends – it’s to remind and inspire you, too.

You do clean up around the house, don’t you? Good. Try a little experiment the next time you’re cleaning house. Shift some things around. Change the setting. Try moving those pictures you’ve had on the walls to different locations or if you’re bored with them, replace them altogether. Make a few minor changes and see what a difference it can make to your mood.

On some level, whether you’re aware of it or not, your home’s decor affects how you feel. It is in your power to change the way you feel about yourself and your world just by changing the look of your surroundings. Make your home make you smile!

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