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stock split question?

This penny stock I have just did a 1 for 200 reverse stock split and then changed its symbol. Is this a very bad sign? I dont have much invested… but if its just bound to fail… its no fun watching it anymore.

A reverse split in its self is not bad. But studies show they are the stocks that usually turn to nothing or at least dead weight.

Why are you in a Penny Stock? That’s one place for a small amount of your assets for experienced investors.

Before you invest another “penny”, read at least two books on investing. Understand the basics. Never take tips from anyone. Have an asset allocation model based on your needs and risk tolerance. Consider Mutual Funds first (to continue your education) (maybe an ETF in the S&P500 would be a place to start).

LEARN LEARN LEARN…… Your question is typlical of people that think buying stocks is an immediate way to make a lot of money!

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