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Are venture capitalists a good idea for my business?

I need more money. I am 17 and own 100% of the stock, and my dad is the director who has nothing to do with the company. He will sign any contract that needs to be signed which clears that issue.

I have a web-based business which I have just created, I came up with the specs and designs and I am having an expert programmer create it right now. The idea couldn’t be anymore fantastic, but I have to pay the developer 3300 euros and I am 17 years old so that doesn’t leave me much money to launch it unless I hit a home run on my penny stock.

Could I go and present to some venture capitalists? Would they go for a new business with no revenues (yet) with a solid business plan and fantastic idea?

How much money for what percentage could I get in your opinion?

Venture Capitalists normally only look at deals that offer huge potential…most will not take or even entertain a one off website creation no matter how fantastic it is.

You need to do a business plan, including financial to even get anyone to look at it. You’d be better off at this point to look for investors through some of the sites that offer to match you with funds…or ask friends to invest…or put it up on craigslist.

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