A Good Penny Stock

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Anyone know of a good penny stock recommendational website.?

Which recommends in penny stocks that are at low in value and expected to rise in price.
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Penny stock sites are generally not a good place to be. most of the guys on there are paid to advertise (i.e., “pump”…) by the company that is going to blow up soon!
The best thing to do is do your own research. It is relatively easy and it is free!
Try these sites: http://www.stockcharts.com Use the Stock Scans button on the left and it will take you to a page with a list of stocks and how they are moving in the market. Concentrate on ones in an uptrend, such as the first stock scan, labelled “New 52-week Highs…” There are a load of stocks in there that are booming and will keep booming until something tells them to stop. There is also a fantastic tutorial on this site for reading candlestick patterns, called Chart School. There is a tab at the top. It is a great tool to have.
Then you can check the historical charts in http://www.bigcharts.com This site is great, especially for reading candlestick charts and printing stock charts.
I have found that stocks begin to break out after they reach about thirty-five cents. Try to concentrate on stocks that sell from 0.35 to 1.11. Those are the stocks with the highest upside potential.
Good luck to you!
P.S. I wish these “make a million at home working in your slippers” crowd would take a hike. They are getting on my nerves and no one is listening to them except really gullible people anyway.

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