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How do you make a Account for ‘Penny Stocks’?

I don’t know what the MIN age for day trading penny stocks, i’m turning 16 in end of this month and i like to learn how i see everyone else make 100%-1000% a day or week for some and i like to do the same thing. How do you open a account and make a lot of money? and a another question, what the Time you have to do that stuff? is it anytime or between 9:30AM to 4PM or what is it. i trying to learn and what the rules are. any help plz? =)

You can’t. You must be at least 18 years old to trade securities. BTW, they ask for a copy of your driver’s license for proof of age, etc. in order to open an account.

You can try paper trading, which involves no money or opening an account, but you would give you some experience on paper trades till you are old enough. But be advised that no one makes 100%-1000% per day or week, unless they are engaged in a stock con, known as pump and dump.

How to Day trade Penny stocks for Dummies

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