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list stocks
Do exchange trade funds have a list of stocks for the bull side of the market, bear side?

Take for instants stocks tna has a counter part tza. what stocks are held in each? How can tna go up 3% and at the same time tza down 3% in relation to the general market?

You are referring to 3x (3 times) Leveraged Bull and Bear ETF’s.
TZA is 3x Leveraged Small Cap Bear ETF.
TNA is 3x Leveraged Small Cap Bull ETF

These leveraged ETF’s pay 3 times the average return based on the Russell 2000 Index.

In, pull the quote for the ETF. On the left column, you’ll notice a section title “ETF”. Under that click on “Holdings”. You can see the details of the holdings.

The details of the holdings for TNA, TZA are in the following links:

For TZA:

For TNA:

The above Bull and Bear ETF’s will most of the time move in opposite direction. (Remember: Bull funds expect the stocks to move lower, while the Bears bet they’ll go up). The movement is NOT against the general market, but against the Russell 2000 Index.

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