Top Penny Stocks 2011

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Services, Products, And Research At Scottrade

Ethics, trust and integrity, customer service, team work, individual development and open communication are the terms linked with Scottrade. Achieving pre-eminence in a dwindling market with an insecure future and fickle scenarios and isn't an easy task. Nevertheless for Scottrade, it is a challenge to conquer. For the last 30 years, Scottrade has been instrumental in providing committed services to individuals, investors, communities and associates.


Scottrade provides services to its purchasers on strongly competitive costs. The company offers its services to consumers without concealed charges and unwished-for hassle of paper work. With Scottrade, it takes only few minutes to fill the form online to open or to transfer an account. Purchasers can access their account from anywhere globally thru Internet and can raise any questions re investment through telecommunication.

The company’s easy to use website has tough and intuitive tools enabiling you to simply surf through the site. The site has sufficient indicators, charts and graphs to make the client understand the trends of the market activity fluently. Only a peek is wanted to get the market reports, manage accounts, balance and pending order. For mobile savvy consumers, the company has developed tools catering to every modern equipment and technology. With the registered Scottrade? Mobile App, customers can access their account on iphone, blackberry and android quickly and can navigate simply. For more information on Scottrade services, you can check out the Online Broker Review 2012.


The products offered by Scottrade are wide and diversified. They range all the way from conventional IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEP IRAs to stocks, bonds and mutual funds. The company, through its strong research and development, has developed 1 or 2 shopper friendly products that have brought many success stories to life. The products are freed from inaction fees or additional transfer fees. Therefore , purchasers have unlimited access to their accounts and can change from one product to another without getting charged. There aren't any automated, electronic activity confirmations and statements, therefore customers can enjoy trouble free reading of their account. Scottrade continues to develop products that are ethically strong, of high worth and worth each penny of the investor.

Awards and Accolades

For Scottrade , client satisfaction is of highest concern. While achieving that goal, Scottrade has been rewarded with a few awards. For the 7th uninterrupted time the company has been listed as top agent on Brand Keys Client Loyalty Index published in Feb 2011. It ranks 12 th on ?Fortunes 100 Best Corporations to Work for? For the fourth time.

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Top Penny Stocks

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