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american penny stocks
Why hasn’t the Stimulus Money gone directly to the American Taxpayers?

Sure, We got a stimulus check of what compared to the money that was given to banks to keep them afloat? Why didn’t we < the American taxpayers> get the same kind of backing that the banks received? If we all had gotten say $1 million dollars, do you not think that the American people would have gone out and spent it? I know I would have saved part of it and spent it. Then reinvested most of it back into the stock market. I probably am not alone. So why hand the money over to corporations, and not to the American people. It would have cost less, and would have had far more dramatic results then paying off these companies?

uh…because it didn’t work? And no amount sent out that way would?

American Community Development Group, Inc. (ACYD) Penny Stock Trading Chart_9/27/2013

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