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Craziest stock to invest in?

I have a small brokerage account (0.25% of my net worth), which for various legal and tax reasons I cannot liquidate unless there was either a lot less or a lot more money in there.

So, what is the craziest stock I can invest in, such that it will either implode or explode in the next couple of years?

No penny stocks please – listed issues only.


Kingimi Productions 2003-2007: Hip Hop, UK Grime/Garage, R&B Music Production Company. I am the manager of company and I am looking for a new investment which will be used for extra promotion.
History: Our promoters have used only free promotion tools and during the last 3 and a half years, we have acquired over £/$10,000. We are now looking for funds to use for paid promotion which is predicted to generate around $100.000 a year. Please take a listen to the styles of our music on our websites and we will also answer any questions asked if you care to write us an email or reply on this website. Thank You


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