Penny Stock 2011

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What are you doing to help stretch the fewer pennies you have…and?

What are you setting in place to offset the loss of the tax cuts January 2011?

I’m stocking up on Banquet meals. Can get them for 88 cents at Walmart…

@ MVD34: Attitude like yours, young man, will bite you in the rear once your employer deems you as replacable (usually around 40). Don’t be so cocky self-reliant and prideful. These changes from administration will hurt us all, since they are not grounded in good sound economic principles. Their agenda is to control, and utilizing the economy and bad law is what serves them well these days.
Everyone: Hold on to your hats, as we are in for a bumpy ride!

I am learning to buy a lot less, use what I already have (especially clothing), and save much more. I have been doing it for quite a few months, and it has been an eye-opening experience. There is almost no waste in my home now.

I have become quite adventurous at combining foods I normally wouldn’t, to create meals, and my grocery shopping starts with the reduced-to-clear shelf at my supermarket, late in the evening when prices are reduced for the last time. I freeze all I can, and use the rest straight away. Every week my groceries cost less than half of before, and some weeks I have been extra lucky and paid a much smaller fraction. If we ever get a power cut, I could have a problem ……

We haven’t Walmart in my country, but I can store some dried foods (pasta/rice) as staples. By learning to live on less now, I am better prepared for the future.

Penny Stock Egghead Review by Nathan Gold

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