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otc stocks
Is it true that OTC stocks are NOT LISTED on NASDAQ?

If OTC stocks are NOT listed on nasdaq, what is listed on nasdaq? I know they use pink sheets and otcbb for OTC stocks, but i do not know what is listed under nasdaq! please help me. I am about to take a test which is related to this topic
Thanks to EVERYONE who could help me
Test Taker B.
Thanks for the answer, but now i have one more question then;
Could Pink sheets or OTCBB include some Nasdaq stocks ? I know they are most likely non-nasdaq stocks, but i was wondering if nasdaq stocks could also be displayed under Pink Sheets OR otcbb?
thanks again!

You clearly lack an understanding of what NASDAQ, “the Bulletin Boards” and the “Pink sheets” mean, and you might want to Google them to learn. NASDAQ is an exchange, if a stock is listed on an exchange they do not NEED to trade in a lesser market like the OTCBB or the Pink Sheets.

These are “either/or” choices, not “and” choices!

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