Micro Cap Stocks

micro cap stocks

Little Company Stocks Are The Best Performing Asset Group

Tiny company stocks are typically overlooked as a viable investment asset group. But with this absence of attention comes opportunity. You are about to find out that little company and in particular micro cap stocks are the best performing asset sector compared to virtually any other kind of investment.

Simply owning small and micro cap stocks seriously out performs each other type of stock investing strategy. I have been investing in tiny and micro cap stocks over the last 17 years and I am a firm believer that micro cap stocks should be a part of each investor’s portfolio.

OBA Financial Has a Market Cap of $61.4 Million

I now own shares of OBA Monetary stock. The market value or capitalization (cap) of a stock is figured out by multiplying the price of the stock by the amount of shares notable. For instance, OBA Financial stock is at present trading at $14.36 per share and has 4.28 million shares exceptional. To calculate the market cap we multiply the price per share times the amount of shares outstanding. OBA Monetary has a market capital of 61.4 million bucks.

4,280,000 Shares x $14.36 Per Share = Market Cap of $61,460,800

My research using market principal as an investment strategy exposes th e size of a company is the most trustworthy indicator of future investment returns. Normally little corporations have higher investment returns than large companies. My historic studies show the littlest corporations supply the highest investment returns.

The smaller a company is. The more likely it'll produce a higher investment return. Historical return data shows that average investment returns increase as one moves down the size spectrum from the largest corporations to the littlest corporations.

Size Spectrum

Frequently used terms to explain capitalization size from biggest to smallest:

Mega Cap (largest)

Large Cap

Mid Cap

Tiny Cap

Micro Cap* (smallest)

*Micro Cap is defined as stocks in the 10th Decile (littlest 10%) vis market equity capital of stocks traded on NYSE/AMEX/NDX.

70 Years of Historic Investment Returns

Size versus Return

Micro Cap stocks produce bigger returns than Small Cap stocks

Small Cap stocks produce larger returns than Mid Cap stocks

Mid Cap stocks produce bigger returns than Huge Cap stocks

Massive Cap stocks produce greater returns than Mega Cap stocks.

Chuck Hughes

Understanding stock trading

What is a Penny Stock & Why Should I Be Trading Low Investment Microcap Stocks ??

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