Make Money With Penny Stocks

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How to find best penny stock to buy?

I just start my work with TDAmeritrade with stocks.
I want to buy good penny stock to start making some money then buy other stock. There is any direction and how to do it

my friend, please don’t ever buy a penny stock. in the stock market, you get what you pay for. stocks that are very cheap are companies that normally are in bad financial shape. what good is it to buy lots of shares of something that isn’t any good. you would be much better off to buy as many shares of good companies than buying lots of shares of poor companies. and when those penny stocks go out of business your stock becomes worthless and your money is gone. it is hard enough to make money in the stock market when you own good stocks, forget the cheap ones, they are for suckers. start buying the newpaper investors business daily and they help you find the good companies to invest in, and watch cnbc on tv all of the time, good luck to you

How I Make Money Trading Penny Stocks

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