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Some Cost Saving Tips for Horse Owners

Unless you are stuffed with cash, you want to provide the most attentive care you can to your horses at the least cost. Here are some straightforward recommendations that will help you achieve that:

1. Prevention:

You have to be conversant with the old proverb, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” old is usually gold, so take this proverb to heart. Apply it to everything important in your life, including your horse’s health and well being.

Watch your pony with an eagle eye. Monitor his health every day. Give him a regular check up, check out his intake of food and water, his poop production and his demeanour in total. Check his hooves, watch him on the walk and the run. Keen observation and research will help you keep the pounds of cure at bay.

Prepare and stick to a regular schedule for dental inspections, care of hooves, de-worming and vaccination.

Be careful around your horse. When on the ground and within reach of your pony, be alert to kicks and foot stomps. Maintain the same awareness to injuries that may arise during rides. Stay in top health and keep your horse in top health.

2. Be your own servant

Don’t waste money on employed help to do tasks you can easily do yourself. This includes jobs like giving horses their shots, pulling and braiding their manes, clipping their hooves and cleaning their sheaths. Ensure you are well trained by your vet concerning how to give shots and clean sheaths.

3. Be your own manufacturer

Using some elementary tools and abilities you can master swiftly you can learn how to make horse attire, jumps and tack boxes. Making toys for horses is child’s play, of course.

4. Get it inexpensive or consign it

Make frequent trips to your local tack establishment. You may find awfully slightly used items on sale. You never can say when you’ll run into a wonderful deal unless you look for it.

On the other hand, if you’ve got too much stuff you aren’t using, consign it. Certainly, you can use that extra money and that extra space?

5. Swap and barter

Have you got abilities other people can use? For instance, are you a good vehicle mechanic, a capable electrician or a programming expert? If that is so you have abilities you can barter for pony care. Why do you constrict the employment of your skills to your own purposes? You can benefit others, while simultaneously benefiting yourself.

6. Waste not, want not

Never waste anything, definitely not hay and feed. A penny saved is a penny earned, and nickels make up pounds. Learn and practice the diverse aspects of efficient cash managing.

7. Don’t push it

If your horse is in top condition and having no issues with eating and digesting his diet, you don’t want to waste cash on giving him supplements, particularly if he is not put to regular heavy work.

8. Be a bargain hunter

Constantly be on the lookout for bargains and sales. Use them to stockpile consumables. Be a regular at garage sales, you never can say when you can pick up helpful tools and other items for a song!

9. Share costs

Your horse’s dentist or farrier may be amenable to reduced rates for attending to more than one patient. Pool with your neighbours and friends who may need the farrier or dentist’s services. Share and save costs.

You can apply the same principle to feed. For example, purchasing hay in big quantities means smaller per unit cost. You may be able to save considerably if you group together with other horse owners and buy hay and feed in big quantities.

10. Hire out your free time

Use your free time to do things for others for a fee, like exercise their horses. This way, you do what is natural to you and you make money out of it.

Horses are Heather Toms passion and she enjoys sharing her extensive knowledge through her 100s of articles with other horse lovers, like all things about western clothes

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