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free stocks
Where can I find a FREE Custom Stock Screener that can search through the Key Statistics of stocks?

For example, on, the Key Statistics would be: VALUATION MEASURES, FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS, Profitability, Management Effectiveness, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Stock Price History, Share Statistics, Dividends & Splits….

To be More Specific, an example would be to list the companies that have more Total Cash(mrq) than Total Debt(mrq)
Also, another example would incude a list of companies that have increased their Book Value by X% in the past year.
And another example, the next example would be a list of companies that have a Current Ratio >= 1.

Also, I think the Analyst Estimates should be included as a factor, like a list of companies that have increased their estimates from Year to Year by at least 5%, for example.

Yahoo finance actually has a pretty good stock screener.

It’s on the left hand side of the main page as you scroll down, in a blue box under ‘research.’ Note make sure you use the Java screener, the HTML screener isn’t nearly as good.

What Are The Best Free Stock Charts Websites in 2012?

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