Blue Chip Stock

blue chip stock
Was Enron considered a blue chip before its stock bottomed out almost instantly?

Also, is it only the DJIA that gives a company blue chip status? Or are there other corporations considered to be blue chip besides those 30 on the DJIA?

Enron was considered a blue chip. It was in the top 50 companies of the world as measured by market capitalization before the fraud stories came out.

The term “Blue chip” is a little vague on the criteria. Typically it refers to companies that are worth the most and earn the most. So with thousands of companies out there, I’m not really sure to say that just 30 make blue chip status.

Certainly companies such as Ford and Procter & Gamble are considered blue chips even if they aren’t in the Dow Industrials.

Investing in Blue Chip Stocks like Benjamin Graham

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