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Economist, stock brokers, investors, those capible of thinking with their head not heart please answer?

At what point will Ford and GM shares be worth a gamble?

The gamble being they actually start making electric or hybrid cars more and become lean mean money making machines – and the government bails them out at some point.

I’m mostly a bricks and mortar guy but always look for opportunites….

Now the USA seems more socialist do I look at investments differently there now? I prefer not to invest in the USA for currency reasons but if I could pick up some stock cheap (like penny dreadfuls)……..

Is it likely the government will bail out the car makers to keep the industry alive? Or will it survive without a bail out.

Is there a must buy price? How much more downside has the $us got left in it? Is it (usa car makers) just a black hole investment wise now?

Your thoughts oh financial titans and wizzards of y/a.

Thank you.

GM had negative cash flow from operations two out of the last three years. AND, last year it was only positive because of one time accounting adjustments.

Any time you invest in a firm that has negative cash flow from operations you are pulling the lever on a slot machine. I know the price per share makes the company look cheap especially when considering the storied histories of these two companies. But the pension obligations alone for both of these auto makers make me feel like investing is just rolling the dice.

High risk = High reward. So it’s up to you. I know a lot of people who took the plunge on a “cheap” WAMU stock and took it on the chin. Different sector, I know, but gambling is gambling.

How to Buy a Stock Without a Broker?

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