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Finding the Best Penny Stock: Basic Tips for First Time Penny Stock Investing

Penny stocks are generally cheap stocks issued by companies who have small market capitalizations. Investors find penny stock investing to be quite attractive as it only involves cheap entry into the market and results in huge gains. The best penny stock can rarely be found. It is more like a game as it requires a combination of experience and luck. As a variety of stocks are available, investors have to make a wise and smart decision when buying penny stocks. Investors must be extremely observant and learn to absorb maximum details, news and price movements because all this can improve their decision making.

In order to find the best penny stock trend research is very important. For a successful venture, research is an essential part. All you have to do is analyze the stock price history and study any fluctuations or steady increase or decrease in the prices. All this information can greatly help and guide you when to buy it. The background of the stocks that you’re looking for must also be thoroughly researched and studied as it can help you plan and decide which stocks are the best penny stocks.

As you move on, you must look for the prospective company’s revenue growth which is a significant element. This is because high profits and earning help to maintain the company’s stock price and it shoots up its value. In order to know a company’s worth, earning is the best measure. You should avoid investing in companies which have annual revenue of less than 10 million dollars. Companies dwelling in huge amounts of debts are not good investments. Investors must follow a technique to compare price per share against book worth per share rather than just focusing on the share price.

Furthermore a very important point that should be taken into consideration is to buy stocks which are usually traded in bulk because trading in stocks which have lower than average trade volume cannot always give you huge returns and profits. You should buy penny stocks which have at least 100,000 trades daily.

When a company is planning to expand in size, they mostly generate capital by selling their stocks in the market. This can give you a quick profit if you buy stocks at the right time. Therefore particular signs and timings are really important in this industry and can signal you about when to buy.

When buying penny stocks you should also analyze the movement of the stock volume. You must check how frequently people are buying or selling stocks. Investors should always examine the sales sheets of any stocks and then make a smart move.

The internet is a very useful tool for investors as it can provide you with a pool of knowledge. Therefore investors should visit forums on the internet and collect useful information and positive reviews but it should also be kept in mind that untrained investors may give false statements which can steer the investor into taking a wrong step.

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