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Is there a purpose for our troops being in Iraq?

I just don’t seem to be able to figure it out.

There are three reasons for being in Iraq:

1. Oil
2. Oil
3. OIL!

Other than that, there is oil.

In a speech on campus last night Dinesh D’sousa, a prior advisor to the Regan administration explained the distance between political rhetoric of the Republican party and action. The REAL reasons for war in Iraq, according to D’sousa is

1. Oil. Oil prices are low because we have bullied them low through military action.

2. End the sanctions against Iraq which had killed hundreds of thousands of children, yet not budged SH.

3. Send a message to terrorists and their sponsors that the US will respond with force and has the will to fight (we can safely assume that anyone promoting people flying aircraft to kill innocent people in the name of war are psychopaths, no matter what the human tools were programmed to believe)

4. Containment of the anti-US Iran, which is viewed as the real top terrorist investor, but usually manages to avoid creating the public situation in which there is a political premise for war. Basically, while we are engaged in hot conflicts in neighboring states, we have technically been in a state of cold war with Iran for over a decade… (consider long-term trends with other countries the US refused to recognize).

5. We are likewise in an undeclared cultural war with a significant segment of the Islamic world that does not appreciate religious diversity or liberalism and would happily have your head chopped off if you suggested gay marriage be ok, or that all groups be treated fairly, or that women be treated with respect and “equality.” It is, as with the Cold War, the result of two incompatible worldviews struggling on this level for world domination.

A MAJOR weakness of his arguements was this:

A problem of promoting real democracy in the middle east is that middle east democracies have tended to support the kind of regimes that are hostile to the US! As a result, the US has often supported liberal dictators over Islamic fundamentalist elected officials. In a way, this is not so different of an attitude within the US of Democratic party supporters being angry at the “bad decision” of many other US citizens. Democracy isn’t necessarily what we hope it would be over there either. So – here is the part he did not state – how does it make sense to try to build democracy in Iraq if the majority of Iraq is muslim and muslims have been hostile to the US?

As I had argued LONG before troops were deployed, there were better, or at least more plausable, reasons to attack Iraq and occupy it for the time. These reasons also indicate that we can expect to have a base in Iraq for a long time.

Another reason why the US are over there:

Currently 80% of the country is allied to the US. The remaining 20% (Bathists) are bitter about being removed from power and is the remaining opposition force, with far smaller numbers actually fighting. So if we leave, we let down 80% of Iraq to accomodate an abusive minority group (how else did SH maintain power?).

Now do I LIKE it? No. Is it practical? Maybe not, but those are the reasons why the US is in Iraq today. I certainly hate the idea of vulturous investors getting rich on weapons and oil stocks. Then there are people like Michael Moore joining in on the investing… Well, can I blame them if nobody is going to stop it? I don’t know how to stop them myself, so I just tell them they are wrong to profit from someone else’s misery…

Like the detractors to the idea of there being WMDs in Iraq, D’sousa had the advantage of speaking from hindsight. My own opinions that reflected *some* of these arguments – that the UN sanctions were unethical and untenable in particular – were presented in a public forum even on the very day that Bush publicly announced the invasion. I guess that’s what I get for not copywriting and demanding I am properly cited. (shrugs)

PS. It is because of attitudes like those of still_in_al_kut_iraq_4u that there is so much hate flowing back and forth in the US today. Get a goddamned clue ok? Why the hell do you want to alienate the very people you’re supposedly helping out. Learn some freaking diplomacy! What? You want people to throw rocks at you when you get back???

What I really, really don’t get about the Republican party is, if these are the real reasons, why do they think we can’t handle that? Is the assumption that the American public is (and ought to be?) so stupid in their patriotism (and D’sousa made it CRYSTAL clear that there is an assumption that there are “intelligent patriots” and “stupid patriots”) that they need every thought pre-chewed for them so that they don’t have to do their own thinking… (Ever hear the phrase “You think too much?” Is thinking painful for some people??)

For the record, regardless of Bush, the Republican party has been hot for war with the middle east for YEARS. It obviously has NOT helped with approval ratings and Bush clearly depended upon his base to win the last election – barely by one state, and quite possibly by some of his party members falsifying the Ohio record – the temptation in such a close election must have been overwhelming!

And, to follow my trend of not-so-wonderful rationales, to Bush’s credit (BAD pun intended), EVERY president of the United States has been corrupt on some level, such that one of my past sociology professors could brag that he could literally BANK on it – i.e. scout out the two candidates and their interests and invest in those areas once an election was determined. Sick and sad but apparently it works because he has a house in a “nice” neighborhood in Beverly Hills from which he studies the culture of the wealthy… Kind of makes me want to vomit a little bit, but apparently it works…

Freedom is definitely 100% free (but you need to read Epictetus before I will even talk to you about WHY that is true). It’s freedom FROM something you’re fighting for that you were free to choose to do if you felt it was important. Confusion is generated for ourselves in thinking that the opposition is just like us. They are not. It takes more than one family to maintain a military presence in Iraq. It takes more than one man to oppress a country. It takes more than one person to defraud the US.

I’m certainly not endorsing anyone. The world isn’t ALL great or nice people. Sorry about our luck. So what we have is war.

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