Yahoo Stock Jnpr

yahoo stock jnpr
How accurate are stock market prices?

How accurate are stock market prices, and what is the time it takes to make a trade (granted this varies based on how traded a company is). Is it possible for me to get live price information that is accurate to the minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes? Also, when you sell or buy your stock, do you bid for it? For example, can I sell a stock whose price is 15.00 for 14.90 and increase speed at which it will sell? Can I offer to buy stock at 15.10 to decrease the time it would take to buy? Obviously I know nothing about the stock market.

i use googles charts… the price moves on the chart exactly when a buy is made every sec check it out during trading… plus they have tech analysis tools that move with the price too… prob one of the best free charts out.. i only use yahoos charts for certain info.. they’ve got one of the worse with a 15 minute delay

and yea you bid for a price of a stock when you make a limit order (buy or sell) thats higher or lower than the average price the stock is selling at

its called a limit order instead of a market order

market order is pretty much just saying ill take the stock at whatever price its going for on the stock chart

limit order is doing exactly what you said .. the price is at $15 but you say i’ll sell it for 10 cents less at $14.90 ( that’ll sell quick because theres always someone bidding to buy a price lower than what the price is actually at) a higher bid at $15.10 might take a lil longer but will probably sell sooner or later depending on the way the stock is moving… if the price starts falling down from $15.00… 15.10 might not get sold at all that day.. but if it goes up past $15 again it will sell

u can check the average bid and ask price on the stock chart to see what price everybody would buy it at.. i use yahoo charts to check that out bid and ask is at the top with the rest of the info… bid means the average price ppl are asking to buy the stock and ask means the average price ppl are asking to sell it at.. bid and ask is good to check if you wanna see if a stock is in demand too.. which means the price will go up… if you have more ppl / shares bidding on a stock than ppl/ shares selling than that means the stock is in high demand and is on a rise

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