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penny stock gv
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Whats a good penny stock right now….. and why should I buy?

Penny stocks have made many an investor great sums of money. Penny stocks are often most understood because everyone associated the money lost with the shares price, Microsoft was a penny stock once.

Just yesterday Motoraola bought out what is classified a penny stock in TUTS. My email is made available here and I will be welcome to talk to you about finding the “Pennystocks” that hold true and real value. 2 that I recommended to friends when they were both under 75 cents were DKAM and DYSL. Others have been INLM at .56 (cents) IEAM @ .60 GV @ .53 and many many others. At .08 as recent as 25 days ago I was recommending HDVY.

Success from Penny Stock profits comes from a couple of things called “hard work” and Due Diligence or research. If someone is willing to read the SEC filings and to watch for the true evaluations, news and prospects of a companies business plan building a company’s balance sheet and increasing its valuation then success can be found.

Avoid what are known as pump and dump merchants.

My email is Welcome to email for talk on others my research has led me to.

El GV ayudará a que pymes, empresarios individuales y autónomos accedan a la financiación bancaria

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