VLNX Is Certainly a Hot Penny Stock Right Now

VLNX (Vision Plasma Systems, Inc) exploded on to the market today and was one of the most actively traded penny stockson the market.  VLNX  traded over 300 million shares and closed up 205% to .30.  VLNX  is on everyone’s penny stock list right now.  It will be interesting to see how VLNX performs tomorrow after such a huge trading day.  The jury is still out on VLNX and if there is any validity to warrant such a high volume trading day for a penny stock. VLNX is picked up massive volume this morning right out of the gate with over 177,000,000 shares sold within the first 50 minutes of open. VLNX out traded many nasdaq stocks today which is highly unusual for a company that is trading on the pink sheets.  Make sure that you add VLNX to your penny stock list and watch it trade carefully.  Today proved how volatile it can be.  Tomorrow could be a monster day for VLNX.  Based on the news release that the company issued after the close about an order from a prominent Japanese company and all of the buzz taking place all across internet messageboards and chatrooms, VLNX has the potential to be one of the biggest penny stocks of the summer.  Find out what we know about VLNX and get on our email list immediately. To get frequent updates and comparable companies make sure you sign up here.  We are constantly profiling the hottest penny stocks on the market.  Keep an eye on VLNX.

About Vision Plasma Systems, Inc.

Vision Plasma Systems, Inc. is a designer, developer, and marketer of its proprietary mobile plasma arc gasification unit called the Arc Master I. The company is committed to providing affordable energy resource management for federal and commercial clients through sustainable and renewable energy technologies, land reclamation, products and services.

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