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I want a German Shepherd but before i dive in, i want to make sure that it can thrive in my home.?

I live in a trailer on 5 acres of land about 20 min. from the city. I go to school for 6 hours then I work for 2. other than that i am all way’s home. i exercise pretty frequently( 2-3 day’s per week) and am willing to bring the GSD with me to the park, as long as it is on a leash. I want to know if the GSD will be ok staying inside while i’m gone? i work at a vet’s office so it will all way’s have access to extraordinary care. i guess what i’m asking is will a GSD be able to fit into my

I wouldn’t sell you a pup unless:
• there is someone home 24/7 for at least the first week, preferably fortnight;
• you have an area fenced to not just keep your pup IN but also to keep stray animals and stray brats OUT; ditto “spectacular” drivers who would probably have run over your pup before they realised it was running towards the driveway. That yard MUST be safe for your pup to rush out there to go to the toilet.

The size of the section matters little – I’ve had up to 7 adult GSDs on my ¼-acre hillside section – but the SECURITY is essential.

You don’t mention travel time, just the 8 hours occupied by school & work.
While the pup is on 3 meals a day (which is until it changes from 5 to 6 months old) even an 8 hour absence is pushing the pup’s resources, especially during the 7-12 weeks old period when its stomach is small and it needs LOTS of calm, quiet socialisation in places where dogs do NOT piddle/poo/vomit/run free.
Do you realise just how biologically-dangerous it is to work at a vet’s then go home to a baby puppy? It takes extreme care to ensure that you don’t bring viruses home on your clothing, especially your footwear and sleeves & front.
And although one of your “advisors” thinks that vaccinations work instantly, the fact is that you can’t rely on any of them having worked, not until 2 weeks after the boosters given at 16 weeks old.

I also prefer people to have a roofed escape-proof run in that yard, with a raised sleeping box at the far end, for when the pup cannot be supervised (eg, you’re all asleep and you haven’t paper trained your pup nor ensured that there are no wires it can chew). I do NOT approve of crating for more than a few minutes – pups NEED to be able to go to the toilet whenever they want, and they NEED to be able to bounce around developing muscle & hardening their ligaments & joint surfaces, and they NEED to be outside experiencing the scents, sounds & movements of the environment.

[BrendaLe...] is wrong – to get the true calm, steady, independent temperament of the GSD you AVOID what she calls “American German shepherds” (which, with that punctuation, means humans who are both Yanks & Germans!) and I call “NAmerican Ski-Slope Dogs” – well, when I’m being polite I do.

For your first pup you certainly don’t want one of the high-drive pups that will excel in DogSport or RingSport, but you definitely want a pup whose parents and their ancestors possess either HGH or SchH qualifications to show that they have been successfully tested for trainability & courage, in addition to all 30 of the nearest ancestors being listed with hip certificates and the first 6 ancestors also having elbow certificates. The ideal is a litter whose parents both possess a current Breed Survey Classification (BS.Cl. in English, KKl. in German), as before a pooch can even ENTER in a Breed Survey it must have all those certificates, PLUS a show grading certificate of at least “Good,” PLUS an AD (Endurance Dog, earned by gaiting for 12 miles/20km then doing some simple obedience). To pass, it must fit the requirements of the International Standard of the GSD (the only Standard approved by the WUSV, which is the World Union of GSD Clubs, with at least 1 representative from each GSD nation – the USofA has 2) found at Most NAmerican Ski-Slope Dogs are far too big to pass.
Any reputable breeder who goes to that much trouble to prove his/her stock will certainly know which of the pups are high drive, which low drive, and be glad to put a low-drive pup into a pet home.
A farmer & horse preparer in my e-group took nearly a whole year before finding a pup to suit what she wanted – search my group for messages about Bria, and read the ones written by Linda. Bria comes from so-called “working” lines (which are actually usually “sporting lines”), and is most certainly now a working Shepherd on the farm, instinctively killing the crow that landed among the farm’s chooks, and seeing off a Lurcher that was attacking a neighbour’s sheep.

You can research the answers to many of your up-coming questions in
For the others, you should be in some of the 300+ YahooGroups dedicated to various aspects of living with a GSD. Each group’s Home page tells you what they want to talk about, and how active they are.
Les P, owner of GSD_Friendly:
“In GSDs” as of 1967

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