Penny Stock List

Penny stock list for November 5, 2012

Penny Stocks – ATRNQ DIMI SAPX

Attention to these penny stocks:

AMBS – The Gold members received a sell recommendation at .025, about 320% profit over the buy price of .006, just a few days ago.

ATRNQ – It’s trading sideways, hold.

DIMI – It’s trading sideways, may run soon, hold.

SAPX – This is consolidation, I hope it goes up, for a change, hold.

$INDU – The last daily candle forms a Bearish Engulfing Pattern, but, it is trying to hold above the MA200, this next week is crucial, to confirm the support, or break it, I hope it confirms.

DOW JONES daily chart:$INDUp=Db=5g=0id=p17442061017

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