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How to do London Sotck exchange market research?

Does anyone know a program or a way to be able to do market research on the London Sotck Exchange??


A program called ‘Profit Source’ will get you the UKcharts. HUBB provide historical data and 1 years data subscription After that you will need to subscribe annually to them to get you chart data.

Profit Source Software:

Once you’ve got “Profit Source” and understand the software, the next step is to make a folder of the FTSE 100 index using quote lists so you can quickly flick through the UK blue chips for opportunities.

To find this out go to:

To find out financial data like EPS, Dividend yields, P/E ratios for FTSE 100 companies use this UK Yahoo finance link:^FTSE

Don’t be freaked out by LSE stock quotes, they’re measured in pence, not pounds. So if you see a bid at 2000, it’s actually 20 pounds/share.

Copy/paste this into a Word or Notepad file for future reference.

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