Penny Stock Knowledge

penny stock knowledge

I want to start buying Penny Stocks where and how do i start?

I’m interested in investing in penny stocks but have no clue where to begin any advice?

Advice: Avoid penny stocks.

Penny stocks are far riskier than other stocks. They are completely inappropriate for the novice investor.

Read the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) link below. If you do not fully understand all of these risks, avoid penny stocks.

Consider mutual funds until you gain some investing knowledge.

Great fund companies include Vanguard and Fidelity. Both offer discount brokerage services. Both have good sites and excellent customer service.

Good investment reading that should be in any decent library:

One Up On Wall Street – Peter Lynch
A Random Walk Down Wall Street – Burton Malkiel
The Intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham

The Best Penny Stock Knowledge Comes From Unexpected Sources

Graphesis: Visual Forms of Knowledge Production (metaLABprojects)

Graphesis: Visual Forms of Knowledge Production (metaLABprojects)


In our current screen-saturated culture, we take in more information through visual means than at any point in history. The computers and smart phones that constantly flood us with images do more than simply convey information. They structure our relationship to information through graphical formats. Learning to interpret how visual forms not only present but produce knowledge, says Johanna Drucke…

Momo Traders: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies from Ten Top Traders by Brady Dahl (2015-05-03)

Momo Traders: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies from Ten Top Traders by Brady Dahl (2015-05-03)


BUY NEW and PORTION OF PROCEEDS GOES TO CHARITY! – Momo Traders features extensive interviews with ten top day traders and swing traders who find stocks that move and capitalize on that momentum. They began where you are and now make a great living, some even becoming rich. They weren’t given a leg up, they didn’t start with millions, and they don’t manage billion-dollar hedge funds. They battle t…

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