Penny Stock Futures

penny stock futures
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How do penny stocks work and how do I become a day trader and such?

How much do I need to start? And how does it work?

The amount you need depends on your broker. Penny stocks can be bought through a discount broker for fairly cheap.

In order to be a day trader of US stocks you need to have $25,000 in your account. However you can daytrade other things (options, futures, FX) without the requirements.

Penny stocks require more money than others because the prices move less. The penny stock can go up $.001 if you own 10,000 shares then you made $10. So you need to own a lot of shares.

Octo is right. The usual rules are 4 or more “round trips” in a rolling 5 day period. This means that if you buy and sell within the same day 4 or more times in a span of 5 days then you will be flagged as a day trader and subject to a 90 day hold on your account.

Proactively Identifying Future Bullish Penny Stock Sectors

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