Timothy Sykes Investigation ? Not! Hilarious Stuff

#1  Seems that our good buddy has pulled all of his latest articles on his site and comments relating to Spongetech. Someone is running scared. Gonna go copy the cached versions so I can laugh later.

#2 We will have to see when the dust settles.
It is possible we may see some people in trouble on both sides of the fence.

#3 His whole site is down. Unlikely a SPNG Issue

#4 Did the SEC take it down??

#5 They don’t have the authority.

#6 Actually….they do. and they’ve done it before. all you need a subpoena

#7 RyanLori – what’s your take at this point?
I am clueless…..

#8 I for one as people here already know after the announcement of a R/S I am not a fan of management. And then the GFGU deal with a phony PR right after SPNG investment about partnership with Google.
The way I read realmoe and sykes and The Post. A bunch of what they are saying I believe is over the top and its may be for monetary gains.
It would not surprise me if you see people on both sides of the fence in trouble. Question is was management playing both sides?
Honestly your guess is as good as mine. But this is not a good sign for shareholders in my opinion.

#9 Not a chance. The Post had all information vetted by lawyers. They have the documents to substantiate EVERYTHING they said. I would not be surprised if the conversations with landlords et al. were recorded.
They will most certainly have the communication SpongeTech IR provided them regarding the customer contact information.

#10 This wasn’t even in print. it was the Post’s online “blog” by a young reporter

#11 you are a biased idiot and short and I pray part of the assault on this company.

#12 to clarify, i was talking to hedge…

#13 Patently false. The sites they mentioned in the article are fakes. I am 100% sure. And I will hopefully know who owns the site in very short order.

#14 its been rumored that Dana Salzarulo was the person who produced those 3 sites. there were apparently links in the webpage that showed directories on his C drive


#15 Thanks for that link. I plan to confirm it.

#16 Umm lets see….Angus (the worm) gone
Sykes gone
Spongetech announcing they are in deep doo doo with SEC.
Any questions?
sub-penny monday

#17 tried to go to his site to see if this was true and guess what, his site is down….

#18 good. let that pig go down!!!

#19 Fake websites???..did he do it??

#20 did you see the SA Trading website.. one evening earlier in the week I saw bashers posting it everywhere then someone found the REAL site and surprize surprize they stopped posting it. By the following morning they were busy bashing about some other BS issue. This stuff is too good to make up!!

#21 I dont even care about the money I just want the truth to come out and those responsible held accountable to full extent of the law

#22 Looks like the site still works.

Then Tim Sykes Pops in…

#23 i’ve pulled the latest articles, WTF? theyre all still there nobody has complained, nobody

u guys wanna defend a company with forged lawyer letters, blatant stock promotion and sketchy customers, be my guest, i could care less, i have no position, your stock isnt worth my time

Article source: http://www.penny-picker.com/blog/2009/09/28/timothy-sykes-investigation/

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