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penny stock reads
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I want to buy some penny stocks. What website should I go to in order to do this?

That’s it. I never bought stocks before, but I have some cash in the bank (yup, crazy place to leave your extra cash) so I thought it would be less crazy to put it in the stock market right now. I found a couple of penny stocks I’d like to buy and hold for awhile. I just need some advise on how to pick a seller or a broker.

You might want to read this article about penny stocks, they are highly speculative and risky.

Penny stocks are horrible long term investments. Novice investors make the very critical mistake that a penny stock is a company that is just starting out or immature and just waiting to bust out. In fact, most penny stocks are priced so cheaply because the value and fundamentals of the underlying company is basically junk. The companies normally have very high debt, negative retained earnings, bad management, etc. Most penny stock companies will not be around for the long term as they are mostly smaller cap stocks, which have an extremely high long term failure rate. A penny stock is MUCH more likely to lose all of its value over the long term, than to make money. They can be fun to play with using small amounts of money, but NOT a very wise investment tool.

There are many comparison charts for online brokers (simulator, and finance terms and definitions)…

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