Penny Stocks 2013

penny stocks 2013
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what is the best penny stock?

what will be the best penny stock for 2013 and how it work. thank in advance and do you ave to be 18 and older

There is no such thing as a “good” penny stock, let alone “the best penny stock.

Penny stocks ARE NOT for newbies. Only those with trading experience should consider trading in pennies since they understand the market, the risk and the problems associated with penny stocks.

Those with securities experience will tell you that you are foolish to start in the market by using penny stocks and those that are in business will tell you not to do it.
So with experienced investors/traders telling you not to do it, and those that are professional tell you not to do it, and even the Securities & Exchange will not recommend you do it, why do you think you can make any money.

Before you enter an order for penny stock, read what the SEC has published regarding penny stocks…

Yes you must be 18 to open a brokerage account in North America.

Epic Stock DD Update & 2013 Penny Stock Trading Strategies

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