Penny Stock Fortunes

penny stock fortunes
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How can we expect Obama to control the nations economy?

According to his tax returns, in one recent year, he only reported $33.00 taxable interest. Does this man have a savings account? How can we expect this guy to lead the worlds largest economy, and keep a plan for our nations economic future?

Chelsea Clinton works for a hedge fund, whose founder is a big contributor to Hillary’s campaign. They specialize in buying up foreclosed real estate and bankrupt companies, then sell at a profit.
With this economy in such bad shape I don’t know how Chelsea’s firm can afford to be without her as she campaigns for her mother.
As the economy tanks, the fortunes of the Clinton’s grow and grow and grow.
It’s the perfect scam. Create business conditions so harsh that businesses fail, stocks crash and homeowners face foreclosure. Behind all of this is Chelsea Clinton, rushing in to buy up the assets for pennies on the dollar at the bankruptcy sales. Then later, after some favored tax break or regulatory relief from Mom, the assets will rise in value and be sold for a large profit.

How much has Hillary earned since she made $100,000 in pork bellies off a $1,000 investment? (remember Refco?)

What is Avenue Capital Group?

How to make penny stock fortunes

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