Penny Stocks In 2013

penny stocks in 2013
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Should I invest in stock CCTC?

Very very very good company to invest in! All my friends are doing it! Crazy amount of money to be made they said! Clean coal technologies….it might be a penny stock now but it’s going up everyday so far!

I will repeat myself….THE ANSWER IS NO!!!!!!

You are a PUMPER Carl….this stock will not hit $0.45 in one month….that is ridiculous

Looking at their Form 10-Q financial reports dated Sept 30, 2011…

I will quote the little we can find out about revenue it earns

“For the Three and Nine Months Ended September 30, 2011 and September 30, 2010


We have generated no revenues for the nine months ended September 30, 2011 and the same period in 2010 and do not anticipate initial license revenues until approximately the fourth quarter of 2011 or the first quarter of 2012, and do not expect to receive any significant royalty fees for approximately 24 months thereafter. ”

IT MAKES NO MONEY CARL!!! No royalty fees til 2013….

Now that is a driving force that makes an investor salivate and drive a loser stock up over 1000% in a month in a bad economic climate…..NOT!!! In spite of these negotiations in India.…

this chart is as good as it gets… will top out at about $0.03 to a max of $0.0325 before falling.

Trying to squeeze out the last 1/10 of a cent on your shares???

The stock cannot even be pumped in the media very well…

nice title for those who don’t read….but even they say nothing is happening with the company but it is buried at the end of the article….I quote:

“It was probably the expectation of the financial report that drove CCTC share price up this month, yet it was filed one and a half hour before market close yesterday and it is yet to see if there will be any further reaction today. The report itself does not show that the company has made any progress in the last quarter.

According to the 10-Q, CCTC still owns a patented technology to transform low-rank coal into a cleaner and more efficient fuel, though still no project has been started that could finally lead to some revenue and the company still has very limited financial resources to pursue its business plan. CCTC states only that it had signed a consulting agreement with a person named S.K. Grover who is supposed to help the company in identifying and contacting potential partners for projects that could deploy CCTC technology in India, Indonesia and the Philippines.9Clean_Coal_Technologies.jpg

The new consultant will be paid in restricted shares of common stock, which would only dilute CCTC shareholders if no successful contracts are signed, and the company also has outstanding convertible debts that could cause more dilution. That makes the current market cap of $20 million look too high for the huge uncertainty of CCTC future.”

read that last paragraph….now why would a stock rise 1000% when share are destined to be diluted and no guarantee of revenue????.

Go and PUMP your stock elsewhere…You are not wanted here IMHO

SGLB Sigma Labs Technical Chart Penny Stocks Payd 10-26-2013 (SGLB)

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