Penny Stocks In 2013

penny stocks in 2013
How are republicans going to lower the deficit?

Can someone please tell me this magical plan of theirs to do this while waging war and cutting taxes?
I was hoping that a republican could give a useful answer on what their plan is but unfortunatly the two republicans who answered failed miserably (shocking, I know).

How are they going to and how should they are two separate affairs but essentially the same question…

The trickle down plan of giving more to companies for it to trickle down to the common worker has never proven to work, thus cutting taxes for big business is not going to help us overall. It will help the company, the stock market and those who buy shares in it. Does that mean it will create more jobs? Not for certain.

What they should so is return to the Clinton Era tax system before the Bush tax cuts, it would save us $340 billion dollars a year.

Pennies on the principle right?

they, or how about the Government in General would also have to:

Cut foreign aid in half save 17 billion by 2030

Eliminate earmarks save
14 billion

Eliminate farm subsidies

Save$14 billion

Cut pay of civilian federal workers by 5 percent

save 17 Billion

Reduce the federal workforce by 10 percent

Save 15 billion

Cut 250,000 government contractors

Save 17 Billion

Reduce nuclear arsenal and space spending ( we dont need to go to space if we can feed ourselves)

save 38 Billion

Reduce military to pre-Iraq War size and further reduce troops in Asia and Europe

save $49 Billion

Reduce Navy and Air Force fleets

Save$24 billion

Cancel or delay some weapons programs

Save$18 billion

Reduce noncombat military compensation and overhead

Save $51 billion

Reduce the number of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan to 30,000 by 2013

Reducing troops by to 30,000 from 60,000 could save an additional $20 billion by 2030.
SAVE$169 billion

Enact medical malpractice reform

Save $13 billion

Increase the Medicare eligibility age to 70

This option would save nearly $50 billion more than increasing the age to 68 would.
Save $104 billion

Reduce the tax break for employer-provided health insurance

Save $157 billion

Reduce Social Security benefits for those with high incomes

Save $54 billion

Return the estate tax to Clinton-era levels

Save $104 billion

Return rates to Clinton-era levels

Save$46 billion

Allow expiration for income below $250,000 a year

Save $252 billion

Millionaire’s tax on income above $1 million

Save $95 billion

Eliminate loopholes, but keep taxes slightly higher

This option is the same as the previous one – except that tax rates would be cut less, raising more revenue to reduce the deficit.
Save$315 billion

Reduce mortgage deduction and others for high-income households

Save$54 billion

National sales tax ( Denmark pays 50 percent and other countries pay upwards of that 5 percent aint gonna kill ya!)

Nearly every other rich country has a tax on consumption, also known as a value-added tax or national sales tax. This option would impose a 5 percent consumption tax, exempting education, housing and charitable giving.

Save $281 billion

Bank Tax

This option would tax banks based on the size of their holdings and the perceived riskiness of those holdings. Larger, riskier banks would pay more tax, both to discourage them from taking big risks and to help cover the costs of future financial crises.
Save $103 billion

you would have 56% savings from the tax increases and 44 percent from Spending cuts

Our shortfall is 1,345 billion

This plan leaves us with $1,769 Billion

We would once again have a surplus.

If you wanna see how I did it it, try it yourself here

Sorry the definitions for everything would not fit into yahoo answers so you will need to look at the link if you need clarification on what each measure is.
Some of these were tough choices, but try it yourself and see if you can come up with a better plan. I highly encourage it, people need to be more involved in government so government does not run the people.

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Penny Stocks In 2013

penny stocks in 2013
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Where can i find a 427 c.i. motor or larger to put in a 2013 Chevrolet Camaro ?

When they come out in the near future; from a dealer as I want a stock Chevrolet Motor.

According to the new issue of Super Chevy GM is going to build 69 2013 Camaros with the 427 engine in them for stock and super stock drag racing classes. They will be available in 3 different horsepower ratings. One is naturally aspirated and the other two are supercharged. According to the article they are going to list between 90-100k so I hope you’ve been saving your pennies! They will be ready to race though with roll cages and drag race suspensions already installed.

If you don’t have 100k to spend (I know I sure don’t) then I’m sure you can purchase a crate engine from any dealer parts department since the Corvette already has a 427 available.

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Penny Stocks In 2013

penny stocks in 2013
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GE Stock: Should I buy direct or through online trading company?

I want to buy some GE stock… Should I buy direct through GE or go through an online trading company? I plan on initially investing 2,500 and adding about 1,500 per month. I want my dividends to roll over and purchase new stock.

Good, you are getting engaged.

If you’re just going to make one purchase or two and hold it for several years, I can see going direct. But otherwise you’re just limiting yourself and restricting yourself and committing to a Buy & Hold strategy. By going direct, you have to hold the paper, you can’t use stops or ANY strategy whatsoever to manage it. All of that for what? A dividend that pays at a rate of 3.7%, about the same as inflation? Doesn’t seem like much of a plan to me. Is this a holding spot or an investment?

Let’s see, if you buy 100 shares at $21/share, it will cost you $2,100. The dividend pays 3.7%, or roughly $77 for one year to tie up that capital. If you roll over the dividends, that will buy you 3 new shares of stock after one year. Or that’s roughly a tank of gas or maybe a halfway nice date (but you only get one a year). I just don’t get it when people “invest” for a dividend.

Going through the right broker, like TD Ameritrade or Scottrade or even Schwab gives you a lot of amenities like earnings reports, and news, and prices, and access to other traders, trading platforms with charts and even access to strategies and tools and tons of management prospects that are already paid for by opening an account and depositing money with a broker. Your first objective is to make money, and only a broker can give me access to everything I need to be successful; otherwise you’re on your own and essentially ignoring your investment. Shaving pennies on commissions is way down on the priority list of things that you should be looking for to manage a stock position. And intentionally ignoring an investment just doesn’t make good business sense, or any kind of sense.

If you are going to be adding to your investments monthly, you’ll want to diversify, and not put all your eggs in one basket. Only by going through a broker can you facilitate that objective effectively.

Let the broker do the work of buying and selling and handling the paperwork. Your job is to manage the strategy and future and direction of the account.

Get the book, Investing for Dummies from your local library, and your investment will make 2013 a banner year that you can be proud of. You might even make some real money, almost certainly more than 3.4% if you learn just a little.

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