Penny Stock Resources

penny stock resources
Anyone know any free magazine stock investing magazines/booklet or Newsletters?

Free on the internet. And also where can i research penny stocks, any recommendations?

One of the best sources for free, unbiased information is the Motley Fool website — you can sign up for their weekly newsletter, which always has 4 or 5 topics. They will try to sell you subscriptions to more detailed publications, of course, but you can ignore those. Penny-stock investing is a very high risk business, so beware of publications recommending particular penny stocks — they probably have a vested interest in touting a particular stock. The website for low-cost stock purchases has excellent investment research resources, Most penny stocks will not be listed on the major stock exchanges — you would have to look for information about “Bulletin Board” or “Over the Counter” issues. One idea: some big corporations close to failure now have shares worth only a few dollars. If you can think you can identify one that will revive and prosper, that may be another way of pursuing the penny-stock idea. Be very leery about stocks that promise technology breakthroughs in oil drilling, cancer treatment, and the like. And good luck — you will need it!

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