Penny Stocks In 2013

penny stocks in 2013
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What is your pridiction on when the economy?

Will get better? Analyst Predictions are not till 2013 and 2-3 million more net job losses to come. If Obama’s Stimulus plan is Create 2 million jobs, yet it’s predicted 6.5 Million job losses, I just don’t see how that is supposed to help re-boost the economy that much faster. Should we start spending or keep savings

I think it is because no real presidents and political leaders can foresee the job creation in the future. If I were you, I would have started the old tradition of a Penny saved is a penny earned. As the staggering inflation keep on rising in almost any thing can buy and sell in th market, I keep on bargaining every day in order to get the better deals and save money. I think not many political leaders can lead their multitudes to keep away from the human nature of greed, selfishness, and far of losing their possessions. Let it put in this way, American financial elites have made (cheated) trillions of US dollars by selling those toxic bonds, funds, mortgages, and financial by products world wide. It is very simple by conspiring with the banks by rewarding the least interest to depositors and then persuade the depositors to invest their deposited money into bonds and funds or stock shares with higher dividends to compare with the interest rate. After rewarding the higher dividends for a while, the bank or financial institution devalued the bonds or funds. The worst scenario is that those top financial executives are allowed to get annual salary of up to 11 millions US. Obama sees the executive cap is needed indeed to balance wealth distribution among evey social class in th US, he just amended for the executive cap of upper limit of one half a million US a few days ago. He is doing the right thing and can lead US ecnomy stablize and recovery in the next five year. However, he can’t manipulate the whole defaulted US financial system and the thi world. The job creation is relied on the action and sense of belonging an sharing. Simply means the wage cuts to those overpaid and the wages increase for the lower incom groups. However, it seems nowadays is the song of Winner take it all. I think the reboost the US and Hong Kong economy is neccessary to do the follewings first.
1) Destroy the stock markets gadually an completely. Simply speaking, it will be a good sign for real economy reboost and recovery if the US Dow Jone Index has declined to 4,000 within the next two year and its flutuation is +/- 10 points each day for at least ten consecutive years. America will become a more affordable country to live, work, ge marrid, and homestead. Hong Kong Heng Sen Inex will decline to 8,000 point in the next two years then it wilbeome a city of less murdering, less suicide rate, less frauds, and less scandals in stock market shares tradings.
2) The political leaders in this world should control the bubble up of real estate transaction by making this world become more affordable to live. This will eliminate the widened rich and poor gap, Hong Kong and US will lead to a harmouos society to live. It will reduce the bad story of eviction, and social stigma of many homeless, suicide rate, an living as dog’s life in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong property values have bubbled up more than tree times as their actual sizes.
I think above-noted way is the steping stones for economic recovery and job creation in the US an Hong Kong.

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