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How do I look up old stock certificate?

I have an old stock certificate issued to my grandfather who passed away 50 years ago. Supposedly the company was bought out by a larger company. Is there a way to research the value of the certificate?

Contact a local brokerage firm. You can also contact e-trade. Ask to speak to their RE-ORG (Re-Organization) department. Tell them you wish to submit a certificate for deposit to their vault. But first, and foremost, you wish to know if it has any value. They have all of the resources immediately available to you and will be happy to oblige.

However, and please keep this in mind. Many old certificates are worthless in face value. But they are worth a good penny to collectors of old certificates. If you have any trouble, feel free to contact myself, vis-vis email, and I’ll have one of my people research it further for you.

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