Penny Stocks 2013

penny stocks 2013
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Magnaflow mufflers vs. flowmaster mufflers for my 2013 v6 challenger (3.6 liters)?

Which one should i get for my car?
I dont have a lot of money to spend (something around 300 for everything) but i want something that makes my car sound better
I know it will never sound like a v8!!!!!!!!!!
But i dont want my car to sound like a modified i4 honda farting on the street u know
I’d rather have it stock if thats what i will get.

Your not going to find any (legit) performance modifications for a 2013 for under $400. maybe a new intake the looks like it does something or a cheap cat back exhaust from auto zone that again.. doesn’t do anything.

^thats for a full exhaust, not cheep but it will make a big difference compared to stock or a cat-back… Sorry to say you gotta start pinching your pennies more until you can afford one. But when you can go with the magnaflow. You will not be disappointed. Very deep sound, some people will believe its a V8 until you race em. haha Do more research and maybe you can find something you like better for cheaper.

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