Penny Stocks 2013

penny stocks 2013
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What are the top penny stocks to buy for the year 2013?

I have about $10K that I can afford to invest in penny stocks. Any suggestions?

I hope that your net worth is well over $2,000,000 this way when you lose a significant part of this 10K, it won’t effect you much.

Top penny stocks…… OK…. the reason they’re Penny Stocks is because they have major financial or market problems…… so you want the best of the worst. Stocks trading for less than $5 a share are rarely traded by professionals…. for one main reason…. the professionals want to make money.

Trading in stocks under $5 a share is not investing. It’s speculating. Why does an amateur look to the hardest place in the market to make money? It makes no sense to me. Having lots of shares means nothing. Because they’re “cheap” doesn’t mean they’re good.

And yet… you want some stranger, whose qualifications and motives can never be known…. to lead you to the big profit. What’s wrong with that picture?

Read some books. Take your time. Understand the basics.

SK3 Group Inc. (SKTO) Penny Stock Trading Chart_3/22/2013

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