Penny Stock Fortunes

penny stock fortunes
If GM had went through bankruptcy like Romney said would Gm had been bought for pennies on the dollar?

by Romney’s friends and then sold for dollars on the penny to China?

The answers is yes . GM was able to go through a managed bankruptcy BECAUSE of the government loans and the commitment with the union pension funds . Without that financial backing reorganization was impossible and they would have had what Romney wanted which was liquidation and the end of the union contracts .
If anyone knows bankruptcy it is Romney . That is how he made his fortune . ” Harvesting ” companies of their assets and filing bankruptcy .
Romney knows full well that he is lying out of his forked tongued mouth when he claims you can make loans AFTER the filing . If you don’t have the loans you are not eligible for the filing .
The big risk and the big prize that the scum like Romney wanted were the billions in pension funds . Part of the decision to make the loans was to keep the pension funds withdrawal from a stock market crash . Once again Romney is exposed for his lies .

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