Penny Stocks 2013

Penny Stocks 2013

I am new to stock trading and just created an Etrade account. Please help?

I am new to stock trading. I watch it at times and keep an eye on the market but I need assistance in where to invest. Specifically I would like to invest in more of the penny stock area because I am not flushed with cash. I would like to spent at most $1,000 for now since I am young and a beginner. I am in college and this is something I want to be fun and beneficial. Please let me know where to invest in 2013 and some tips to keep me on track.

I signed up through Etrade.

Ryan, LEARN, LEARN, LEARN, and apply what you learn in very small increments. I was in the same boat when I first started trading and it benefited me big time. I won’t tell you what to invest in because I’m not qualified to do that, but because I’ve been where you are right now – just learn, keep reading, and ask questions when needed. Congratulations on investing by the way. It’s very, very addicting!

This book helped me a lot when I first started trading: The neatest little guide to stock market investing (get the 2013 edition).

It’s a very, very good book for beginners like yourself.

Don’t just jump in and start “doing stuff”. That’s what I did and I developed bad habits. I eventually started day trading and at one point threw 50K into one stock because I knew I had a punchers chance of making money… DON’T DO THIS! I could have lost everything. Develop good habits.

Again, learn, ask questions, and apply what you learn slowly.

Here’s another good resource for you:

The best Penny stock picks of 2013

A Quick Start Guide: Penny Stocks (March 2013)

A Quick Start Guide: Penny Stocks (March 2013)

Everywhere on the web, you find ads telling you to click for penny stocks. You look on that site, and realize that you have to sign your email away and a credit card number, only to get old information. This guide and a short list of “ Penny Stocks” will be published Monthly so you can stay current. Please only go to the reputable Stock Broker Websites, when buying stocks. Caution: Penny Stoc…

Penny Stocks For Dummies by Peter Leeds (April 26 2013)

Penny Stocks For Dummies by Peter Leeds (April 26 2013)


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