Penny Stocks 2013

penny stocks 2013
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I am new to stock trading and just created an Etrade account. Please help?

I am new to stock trading. I watch it at times and keep an eye on the market but I need assistance in where to invest. Specifically I would like to invest in more of the penny stock area because I am not flushed with cash. I would like to spent at most $1,000 for now since I am young and a beginner. I am in college and this is something I want to be fun and beneficial. Please let me know where to invest in 2013 and some tips to keep me on track.

I signed up through Etrade.

Ryan, LEARN, LEARN, LEARN, and apply what you learn in very small increments. I was in the same boat when I first started trading and it benefited me big time. I won’t tell you what to invest in because I’m not qualified to do that, but because I’ve been where you are right now – just learn, keep reading, and ask questions when needed. Congratulations on investing by the way. It’s very, very addicting!

This book helped me a lot when I first started trading: The neatest little guide to stock market investing (get the 2013 edition).

It’s a very, very good book for beginners like yourself.

Don’t just jump in and start “doing stuff”. That’s what I did and I developed bad habits. I eventually started day trading and at one point threw 50K into one stock because I knew I had a punchers chance of making money… DON’T DO THIS! I could have lost everything. Develop good habits.

Again, learn, ask questions, and apply what you learn slowly.

Here’s another good resource for you:

The best Penny stock picks of 2013

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