Stock Fnm

stock fnm
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What is the best stock to invest in today?

I have $2,000 to invest in any stocks I want. Which stocks would get me the most money out of?

First of all gold and silver are not stocks. Second at&t and Walmart or slow growth stocks and you said you only had $2,000.00 minus your trading fees of course.Third you wanted to make the best profit with your money.So taking into account One thoughThree it only leaves you to invest in a sub $9.00 stock. Here is your choices FORD(F),FREDDIE MAE (FNM),CITIGROUP(C) NETWORK ENGINES(NENG). Have fun making money. VAMP

Personally my favorite is NETWORK ENGINES (NENG)

Fannie Mae Stock FNM NYSE REAL ESTATE Mortgage Investment

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